Creative Self-Mastery



“I Have Come Such a Long Way…”

Kate – London, UK

From time to time, clients send me letters to help me in my professional development as a mentor and make sure I’m on course. This one’s from Kate, a talented actress I met while living in London:

“You know that persistent feeling, that niggling feeling that there’s something not quite right, or something’s missing or things aren’t quite as they should be? A quiet, low level droning that never completely goes away, even though life is good? That…That’s what I’d been feeling for years, never being able to get close to true happiness or even knowing what true happiness looked like. I was perpetually waiting for that one day “when I’ll….insert dream, aspiration, achievement, good feeling here”. If you can relate, may I recommend a bit of time with Marc.

When I started my coaching with Marc, I wasn’t expecting how profoundly it would change my world and my outlook on life. In just over a year I have come such a long way in both my personal life and my career. As a creative, I have found a way to be freer than I ever thought possible. I still have work to do, it’s a constant journey to improve of course! But with Marc’s coaching (and be warned he won’t let you get away with BS’ing yourself/ lying to yourself), more incredible insights, life changing experiences and powerful feelings are still to come for me. And let me tell you, that feels good!

Who knew I could create such amazing things and that the power was in me all along. Marc will hand you the ruby slippers, you just have to put them on.”

“I’ve Made Numerous Breakthroughs”

Eric – Boise, ID

Eric is generous and good natured, not unlike most of my clients. He reminds me how much each client helps me grow as a mentor. Here are his comments:

“Marc has had a profound effect on my personal development. His thoughtful and encouraging style creates space for me to practice what I’m learning and to apply the techniques in my day to day life. I’ve made numerous break-through’s and I’ve learned so much from him, about how to be the predominant creative force in my own life. Marc’s method for delivering his wisdom is top notch and full of useful tools. Having Marc as a coach is the missing piece you can’t get in books or seminars.

Marc has a very distinct and well established system he uses and each step in the process adds additional insight into the last. He is honest and clear and works with me to set benchmarks for growth that serve and support me.
If you’ve ever tried coaching before and haven’t seen results or if you’re new to coaching and want assurances that your coach is at the top of their game, then look no further than Marc Cooper-DiFrancia.

Marc is dedicated to growth and to helping get results. Marc is gifted as a coach and skilled at helping his students learn how to trust their intuition, make choices that honor the true nature and craft a story that supports the sought after results. My story is an example that his system is highly effective.

I give Marc my grateful thanks and my highest recommendation.”

“I Can Create Anything!”

Jonah – Birmingham, AL

I met Jonah over a year ago and it’s been great to see his progress, both because he’s a talented artist, and a good person. Here’s what Jonah has to say:

“I’ve only been with Inner Guidance Intuitive Development for a little over half a year, and I’ve noticed a big difference between working with Marc DiFrancia versus the other teachers and mentors I’ve had in the past.

First of all, Marc doesn’t hold back in sharing his own personal mistakes, or cover up where he falls short in his own life.Instead, he uses it to teach me how to move and develop further in my own evolution and spiritual growth. He doesn’t play into my illusions, and he teaches me the importance of self mastery and learning how to focus on creating the life I want, instead of being stuck in the inertia of egoic trials and tribulations. This involves concentrating on stepping out of the pattern of needing to know how things may unfold, and moving more into that magical place in the heart that connects us to all life and possibilities; the place of higher intuition that most people never really exercise getting in touch with.

Though I’ve had a lot of resistance, by standing his ground, Marc has patiently taught me how I’ve sabotaged myself throughout my life with the beliefs I took on and that – if I focus on the end result of what I really want – my subconscious will, without fail, support me in setting up and creating that reality.

The other thing that is extremely different about the work Marc does is that he gives me concrete homework assignments, which help ground the work into real life and foster and create more consistent outcomes. Basically I get to see the day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month changes that naturally occur as a result of doing this work. For the first time in my life I’m beginning to embrace, and even give myself credit for, the changes that I’m creating. Even though an old part of me wants to stay stuck in my thoughts and feelings about my family and life growing up, I’ve learned to move past the fear-based stories that I unconsciously told myself (“I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve it”) in order to change and to become the person I’ve always wanted to be.

I now see and believe that I can create anything I want, and I’m proving that to myself on a regular basis. Marc has a great bull**** detector, and he sees through my ego’s agenda. He uses the truth to help me shift my thinking and develop more faith and confidence in myself; something I’ve denied myself in the past, which is now slowly and systematically changing for me. I’m learning to step out of my own way by transforming the belief systems that have kept me feeling powerless and victimized my entire life.

Marc has given me the necessary tools to help me create a better version of myself and become who – and what – I aspire to be. This in itself is giving me more much-needed and grounded hope and inspiration as Marc continues to mirror life, and my insights and doings, back to me. And the epiphanies continue to come to me as I grow and prosper in this work, and learn to discern for myself the things that are not real, or not working, in my life.

So, as hard as it gets sometimes, and as much as I might block my own progress, I am really grateful to Marc. He has been there with me through thick and thin and doesn’t give up on me, as I continue to focus on waking up in my own consciousness and – in so doing – inspiring other like-minded people around me.”

“He Guides You To Use Your Own Intuition”

Amy – London, UK

Amy surprised me with a video testimonial full of her contagious energy and beautiful personality. But don’t take my word for it. Watch her video or read the transcript further below.

When I first met Marc I was at a party, and he was there with his partner, and there was something about Marc that drew me to him. He has an energy about him–a glow, a warmth, whatever you want to call it. But I knew when I walked into the room that there was a reason why I turned up at that party, and that Marc was the reason. What’s really cool about the work you do with him is he’s not there to dwell on the past or to let you wallow in your own misery. But if you’re the type of person who wants to look forward rather than backwards, and make changes for yourself that are positive and that are going to help you create a life that you would love to live, then Marc is the person that you need to go to.

When you initially start working with Marc he will break down all the beliefs that you may have about your life – why you can’t succeed, why you’re not worthy, why you’re not good enough – to get where you want to be and he will challenge your understanding of why you feel that way. And once you realize that actually fear isn’t doing you any good, he will constructively help you work towards the future that you do want to create for yourself–a future that you would love. And it’s a really exciting time.

Marc’s fantastic as a coach, mainly because he’s real. He’s genuine. He’s authentic. Marc doesn’t sell you anything. He doesn’t push anything. He doesn’t force anything upon you. He guides you to use your own intuition. It is what it says on the tin! And when you’re having sessions with Marc you feel connected to him, like it’s just you and him in the room—well it is, because he gives you his full attention–but you feel like you’re not only being coached… that someone genuinely cares about your future and where you’re going.

And I do think that Marc goes over and above the usual expectation for a coach of this kind. He really, genuinely loves what he does. If you’re the kind of person that wants to better your life, focus your mind on the right things for you, and make choices about how you want things to be for yourself–or perhaps you’re just someone who, like me, doesn’t have any particular reason to feel bad at the moment but knows that life could be better–if there’s that little inkling in you that thinks “Yeah, do you know what? I think I can have more fun with my life. I think I can do more!” And perhaps you’re talking yourself out of it for whatever reason, that is why you should see Marc. Because Marc will help you realize that anything is actually possible.