Creative Self-Mastery

Marc’s Story

Self Sabotage, Addiction Issues, Chronic Pain and Suffering, Weight Problems, Codependence, Anger Management, and Abusive Relationships.

These are just some of the obstacles I have overcome in my own life. I can help you to do the same.

Here’s why…


The journey started for me about twenty-five years ago.  At that point, my biggest problem was co-dependent, abusive relationships. I was the proud owner of an incredibly magical coffee shop that attracted healers, psychics, shamans and various types of creatives from artists, to musicians, to leather craftsmen. During this period of my life, I learned from some amazing people, who saw something in me they wanted to nurture. Unfortunately, although I learned a lot, my attempt at breaking free from relationships that didn’t serve me, not only created worse relationships, but sent me sinking into the depths of alcohol and drug abuse.

For over a decade, I learned the hard way. I studied the Course in Miracles, took trainings with Anthony Robbins, practiced Huna, read about shamanism, followed and studied with some of the biggest names in the business (Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Choprah, Serge Kahili King, Michael Roads etc). I was a sponge, a booze soaked, coked out sponge. And I was powerless.

Before I knew it, I was smoking two packs a day and weighing fifty pounds more than my ‘healthy weight’. I was suffering from chronic back pain as a result of three herniated disks and an impingement on my sciatic nerve and became severely addicted to Vicodin. To top it off, my existence (if you could even call it that) was set deep into a physically abusive relationship, serious bankruptcy (both financially and spiritually), and trouble with the law. Still, I strove for self-improvement and a better life.  I read everything I could get my hands on – some of which helped and some didn’t – and learned from anyone willing to teach me.


The next chapter was about cleaning up the mess I’d created…


It was far from easy, but little-by-little things started to improve. I started to really enjoy some success and empowerment in my life, but it was short lived. I hadn’t yet learned what I truly needed to know. I was still creating from fear. My physical condition worsened, and I suffered some devastating losses, including the sudden death of the man I loved. I was paralyzed by pain and suffering both physically and emotionally. Friends and family had begun to shy away from me, as it was too painful for them to watch my steady decline. I was often too sick to work and found myself alone on the couch for weeks at a time. And so the reading and the training continued.

Eventually, I stumbled into the concepts of Toltec wisdom, Hermetic Philosophy, and the teachings of Ken Keyes Jr., Robert Fritz, Joseph Campbell, William Whitecloud, Don Miguel Ruiz, Sheri Rosenthal and a few others.  Suddenly it all came into focus.  I slowly, but surely, righted everything that was wrong in my life. I got myself clean, broke the chronic pain cycle, quit the booze, drugs, and cigarettes. I lost fifty-three pounds and got physically healthy. I addressed my anger issues and created true, nurturing love in my life while gaining some financial security.


Now I offer you the benefit of all I’ve learned

I’ve studied at the school of hard knocks, and although that didn’t leave me with a degree or any letters after my name, it did teach me some truly valuable lessons. 

Those lessons – combined with my innate abilities to understand human behavior, live intuitively, and communicate effectively – came together to make me a powerfully effective force in the intuitive development, self-mastery and conscious creation industry.

I stand before you now, with years of success in helping people discover and destroy their blind spots, conquer their hairy bullshit, and create the extraordinary.  

I’ve done it for myself, I’ve taught others to do it, and I can teach you how to put your pain behind you and have a life that’s not only wildly successful, but that you absolutely love living.


Screw the Wound!

Many of today’s methodologies work on the basis of identifying the “wound” (those horrible scarring experiences we’ve endured during childhood, and later in life) and then working diligently to repair the damage.  This leaves most people focusing squarely on ‘healing’ the wounds life has dealt them, or fixing the things that they perceive are wrong with them. 


My approach is vastly different!

I believe that knowing what these wounds are, and how they affect you, is useful – but not what’s necessary to get you moving in the right direction. These wounds can never truly be healed, and since they are part of what makes you uniquely you, there’s no need to waste energy dwelling in the pain they cause. 


At Inner Guidance Intuitive Development, we believe in leveraging the pain of the wound to help you create your life as you would have it be. Many people become paralyzed by their wounds and then spend most of their lives compensating for them. That means that all of their personal energy is spent in on the constant struggle to cope with life. A life spent compensating, does not leave you with any energy to direct toward creating your dreams, and if you DO manage to create something good, you can bet it won’t last, or it won’t make you as happy as you thought it would. Why??? Well, I’m not going to divulge all of my secrets here, but suffice it to say, that when you’re dealing with healing your wound you’re creating from a fear-based energy that will never allow you to create lasting positive change.


I say… SCREW THE WOUND!!!   

The only power it has to ruin your life is the power you give it…Focus on what you would love to create, and learn the self-mastery techniques that will not only take your focus away from your pain, but will allow you to hear the guiding voice of your intuition. Once I’ve helped you re-establish your connection with your intuition (higher self), we can then work together to get you trusting that guiding voice, eventually replacing the voice of fear and doubt your wound provides.

How It’s Done

I take a three-pronged approach to my coaching and seminar work:

  1. Pain Triage

    Our goal is to identify your wound, understand the power it has over you, and assess its impact on your well-being. 

    Through a series of enlightening exercises and processes, we gain great insight into the thoughts and feelings that are running your show, and then we explore the often unseen byproducts of that thinking. 

    Once we’ve got a good working knowledge of the wound, and its effect on you, we take the steps necessary to master your ego and shut it up. The goal isn’t to destroy the ego, nor is it to deny the wounds that drive it. The goal is simply to understand the ego’s hidden agenda, and derail it.

  2. Reconnection

    Here we start to tune in to your quiet guiding voice. Most people don’t believe they have a voice like this, but we all do. Truth is, it’s there, but you can’t usually hear it over the screams of your ego.

    For those who do occasionally hear the voice of their intuition, many of them dismiss it or can’t convince themselves to trust it. How many times have YOU said, “If only I’d listened to that voice in my head, this would have all turned out much better”? 

    This is where we abandon conventional wisdom and stop doing it the way EVERYONE thinks it SHOULD be done. During this phase we take ONLY the steps we are guided to take, forsaking any actions that haven’t come directly from our higher consciousness. I’ll teach you effective, sure-fire ways to learn to trust your intuition and allow it to guide you.

  3. Follow Through

    I’ll teach you to not only hear the voice and trust it, but to ACT on the advice it gives you.

    By this point, you’ll already have a clear set of results you’d like to create in your life, and these new tools will help you create them. You will have gained the power and discipline to take action when the situation demands it. 

    You will have the skills, focus and determination to enact your will in the direction of growth, empowerment and conscious creation.