Creative Self-Mastery

Coaching Team

I don’t just work with anyone, but here are three great coaches who are the start of my team.


Eric Brocksome

Eric is a dedicated and insightful teacher. He has a deep and thoughtful understanding of personal growth, and epitomizes the belief that one can be the predominant creative force in their own life.

Eric’s personal Hero's Journey led him through the fires of self discovery. Ultimately, rising from the ashes of dysfunctional beliefs, Eric has developed into a powerful teacher who can empathize with and relate to everyone. His approach has brought powerful change to his own life and to the lives of his friends and clients.

Eric is proof that you can create anything you would love to experience.

Meehir headshot cropped.jpg

Meehir Patel

For the last 7 years, business owner and Coach, Meehir Patel, has been on a journey of self awareness, self discovery and mastery.

The journey began with depression, anxiety and despair – allowing him to come out the other side wiser, stronger and more empowered than ever before.

Through this crucible, a gift for leadership through connection came to be known, and it soon became obvious that his purpose was to support others through the art of coaching and self mastery.

Jessica Headshot.jpg

Jessica Rueger

Jessica offers twelve years of Self Mastery coaching with individuals and couples.

Her approach guides students to take authentic inventory of themselves to hone and develop a clear pathway for their next step in life.

Jessica shares practical tools with her clients to increase their ability to accept oneself, and to step fully in to their life using their innate creative power. She helps guide students out of their dysfunction, away from the conditioning of unconscious programming, and into the truth of who they are.

Jessica leads women's groups, workshops, and self-development retreats.